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Trump Administration
  Watters World  FOX News  February 4, 2017 11:04pm-11:08pm PST

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press secretary sean spicer. sean, i want to know when you wake up in the morning, is the first thing you do is check the president's twitter feed? >> absolutely. his feed might be. but there is a lot of activity that goes on twitter. between that and the news, that's where i turn to first. jesse: at 3:30 in the morning the president tweeted within iran is fighting with fire. they don't appreciate how kind presidenkind -- how kind presida was to them. not me. i have to scramble because i have a briefing in a few hours. >> the president has been clear throughout the campaign, the transition and now his time as president. that was a horrible deal for our country. the last few days and weeks iran has flattered itself and the president made it clear he won't stand by and let that take action without response. >> these sanctions, are these
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going to bite? my guess is and just judging by the statement that came out of the iranian government. they say these are useless threats. do you think it iranians are getting the message? >> this president has been very, very forbesful that he is not going to stand by and let iran flout these sort of actions they have been taking. at the end of the date problem is they have to deal from the united states that was a sweetheart deal. they should be thankful for the deal they got. instead they continue to take hostile actions towards the united states. and the president has shown over and over again that they are not going to sit idly by and take it. jesse: i believe there are holdovers from the obama administration actively leaking. this is one of the things creating the fake news stories.
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you have phone calls the president is making with the leaders of mexico and australia. they are characterized one way. and the next day president trump had to clarify things in a tweet about the conversation he had with the present of australia. he said thank you for telling the truth about our civil conversation that fake news media lied about. very nice. do you have any active leak investigation? it looks like there are people trying to undermine you from within. >> the president takes these leaks very seriously. they are happening in a secure setting between two world leaders, two heads of government. jesse: how did that get out? >> that's troubling. the president has asked the team to look into this. but in both cases. the president of mexico and the prime minister from australia have characterized those
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conversations differently than how they are being portrayed. it shows those conversations were candid and they were done respectfully in two separate instances. i think that's why they have both come out and expressed it the way they are being character righted is not accurate. >> a conversation that was very public came out on twitter. charlie sheen took a shot at you. i'll give you a chance to respond. he said, bro, that bleeping windsor knot should be remottled. you are a shameful husband can. crawl back into your mom. i don't know what a shoat is, but would you like to respond to charlie sheen? >> i think my tie knot is very nice. it's too bad he chose to focus
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on that. if he wants to poke fun at my tie, that's fine, and i will continue to do my best to tie a nice knot. jesse: in sheen and president trump both love wing. >> but only one of them, president trump has a recor